In the 5 months between August 13, 2016 and January 15, 2017, I set myself the goal to write 30 songs. This was an unprecedented level of prolificness for me (I would typically write 3-4 songs during that period). To give me a fighting chance to achieve this goal, I allowed myself to write songs of anything length. As a consequence, I ended up writing a handful of very short songs, from 30 to 90 seconds long. I became intrigued with this medium, which I now call micro-songs, and they are becoming a significant part of my artistic palette.

I have always loved short forms of writing. I appreciate the ability of writers to pack great beauty, imagery and emotion in a short piece, such as a haiku or a short story of only a few thousand words. I thought, why can’t this apply to popular music? Has the radio formatting of the latter part of the 20th century ingrained in us the expectation that a song must be roughly three minutes long?

Of course, micro-songs not a novel idea. One of my songwriting heroes, Steve Poltz, released an album of micro-songs that he recorded on his answering machine (and thus had to be 60 seconds or less). So, while I’m not the first, I am nonetheless excited to integrate these tunes in my performances. I believe they will bring vibrancy and dynamic tension to my shows.

Here’s an example, which I release on Valentine’s Day – a little love song, partly inspired by the poetry of Rumi:

Love is Nature (You Tube)

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