The Importance of Perseverance


I usually don’t succumb to depression. I had a big enough dose of that in my thirties, and I promised myself I would never let myself go down that dark road again. But to say that I am immune to it would be kidding myself. There is unfortunately much sadness in this life, in our own lives and at the world at large.

Sometimes you just have to lay down and feel the sadness. Just don’t do it for too long. Despite what some people think, forcing yourself to feel good all the time is a burden. It is important to keep a positive outlook, as this is how you attract more good into your life. However, feeling good all the time is impossible and trying to impose it on yourself is setting yourself up for failure.

Feel the sadness if it is there. But have faith that it is temporary. Take care of yourself, but persevere. Nothing great was ever achieved by laying down and giving up. But there is nothing wrong with laying down for a while to recharge.

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