Free Bird!!!

I’m just wrapping up writing a spoof to “Free Bird”, poking fun at the douchebags that yell “Free Bird” at music shows. It has been said that performers who get upset by people yelling it are just the type of pretentious artist the joke is meant to target. I must say that I don’t ever truly get upset. It’s a minor annoyance that most performers have had to deal with. And most people don’t mean it as an offense. They just think they are being funny.

But I will say that it is a bit offensive, and though I always deal with it gracefully, I always experience a brief grit-your-teeth flash of anger when it happens. There is a subtle implication is that your show is dull or that your music sucks, or at least that was the initial intent of the joke 100 years ago. It has evolved into something that is simply embedded into popular culture, perpetuated by drunks who don’t know any better.

At least this minor annoyance has kept me being creative for another day. On to bigger and more important things!

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