1. Hello Mike!I listened to your music and now I have a name to what you have been doing! it is called BARD music:) Remember I was telling you about Grushinskii Music Festival??? Well, lots of musicians bring new songs to this festival every summer! Listen to this one (it is in Russian, but thats ok, just get a feeling of the style)
    I also thought to share other music and thoughts but for now I am not even sure if I write in the correct place… I dont have twitter or facebook, so hope this message will find you!
    Nice meeting you,
    Here is one more song:)
    they are all different.. what do you think??

  2. Mike,

    My girlfriend is looking to book some entertainment for a function on May 25th, 2013. Wondering if you might be available and what the associated fee would be for a performance. The party is from 3pm – 7pm. You can reach me at 698-3481


    Ryan MacAllister

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